Region Gamer

GamerStar2 Final Lobby, ACCUMULATED TABLE (tentative)

Player's name (exact name)DepartureTotal deathsPoints positionTotal points
1Jose principal181331
2Luis Alfredo Lopez Rosal13821
3Keyron Fuentes Calderon8513
4Joaquin Garcia Secades6612
5Elian Venegas Fallas5712
6Kevin Aguilar1910
7Eduardo Arias Oraamuno279
8Sergio Julian Piedra Gutierrez279
9Kendall Montero Parajeles448
10Isaac Chavarría Álvarez347
11Natalia Moya Ledezma246
12Raschid Serrano066
14Yerik Soza Narvaez145
15Daniel Gomez134
16Jean Carlo Moreno Sandí044
17Mauricio Alfaro Espinoza123
18Esteban Maroto V.033
19Adrian Esquivel Mena011
20Eduardo Badilla011
The tentative table is because it remains open for possible review for 24 hours, after that it is considered valid by the managers and is considered official.

Fortnite individual tournament

In its first edition, GamerStar was a great success and managed to bring together more than 500 gaming enthusiasts of all ages, delivering excellent prizes and many emotions in the different broadcasts, in the different tournaments.

2nd edition - GamerStar

100% online tournament

Tournament from 9 years on, has no maximum age, is for all audiences and in gamers tournaments age categories are not used.

In this new edition of GamerStar we will have a mega Fortnite tournament, because many people ran out of space to participate last time and we want more enthusiasts to demonstrate their skills and the high level of the players.

Tournament Schedule

  • Tournament date Sunday, September 27
  • Tournament start time:
    • Game 1, 12:00 md
    • Game 2, 1:00 pm
    • Game 3, 2:00 pm
    • Replacement game, 3:00 pm
    • Grand Final Game 1, 6:00 pm
    • Grand Final Game 2, 7:00 pm
    • Grand Final Game 3, 8:00 pm
    • Publication of the final winners 10:00 pm.
  • Registration closes on Saturday, September 26 (1pm).
  • Assignment of playgroups on Saturday, September 26 (7pm).
  • Inclusion of the players in the private whatsapp group Saturday September 26 from 7pm to 11pm (at any time).
  • Limited space, we reserve the right of admission at all times.

All times are in Central American time GMT -6.

Remember to read the entire regulation, so you have no doubts!

Tournament stream transmissions

Through our social networks we will be transmitting selected games of the qualifiers as the finals of each country:

Be sure to follow the broadcasts, because in all of them we will have special prizes for those who join us and share with our casters.

Would you like to be part of this Tournament? These the 3 simple steps

  1. Register in the form on this page (below).
  2. Cancel your registration through the Children's Museum ticket office or through SINPE Móvil 88788600 (Oscar Romero).
  3. Send your proof of payment to whatsapp (+506) 8923 7215, to confirm your space.

Step 1 >> Registration Form

Remember that to be sure that you sent the form you must scroll up to see the confirmation message.

Step 2 >> Cancel your registration

Each player pays an amount of ¢ 5,000 colones ($10 USD applies paypal commissions) for registration and will have a royalty of 1 ticket to the Children's Museum of Costa Rica with a validity of 1 year to exchange it.

You can also send the payment through SINPE Móvil (+506) 88788600 (Oscar Romero)

Step 3 >> Send proof to whatsapp (+506) 8923 7215

It is an international tournament and open to all audiences.


General disposition

  • Format: individual.
  • Game mode: Normal Games, by accumulating points.
  • Multiplatform, all platforms are allowed.
  • Minimum age: 9 years and has no maximum age (from 9 to 12 years old, you must have the supervision of your legal guardian)
  • The player must have an active whatsapp account.
  • You can be a resident of all Central America and Mexico.

We invite you to watch this video that can explain many details of the tournament.

Tournament mechanics

All those registered in the tournament and duly confirmed, will be randomly divided into WhatsApp groups of up to 95 players, these groups will also be the game groups within the personalized games.

Players have to play 3 qualifying games, where the top 5 of each group will be chosen to play 3 final games and get the top 3 that will obtain the prizes in the respective order, always from the accumulated tables.

After each game they will have 20 minutes to fill out the points form, the link of this form will be shared only through the private group of WhatsApp, in this link they must include the data that is requested and a clear photograph of the final statistics of the match. NO REPEATS OR VIDEOS ARE ACCEPTED, you can only register points through the form. This form must be filled out for each game, it is the same link.

** Very important photographs or screenshoots, must be complete on the screen, perfectly legible. If this step is not followed, the points of that game will not be taken into account.

This is the example of the only accepted photograph or screenshoot.

In the event that someone makes a mistake or enters false information, the form will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and will be published publicly.

If you do not enter 1 game, you can enter the next without problem, you are not disqualified. Games will not be repeated, solely due to technical problems of the host or direct indication of the organization, which leaves the right to restart games in justified cases.

In the event that due to an error in the game and that you do not let them enter the game (any of the 3 qualifiers), you can request to participate in the replacement game where the points will be added to the points of the other games. No points are awarded for position in the replacement game.

Points table

The tables with the points as they are counted will be published on this same website, they must be published before 5:30 pm (GMT -6).

The finals will be played from 6pm (GMT assigned time) on the same Saturday, three games will be organized with all qualifiers and a table of accumulators will be made. In the event that 1st place is in some kind of tie in points between 2 or more duos, they will play 1 last game between them to define the winning team of the tournament. Points will be counted like this:

By position:

Victory Royal: will get 5 points

Positions 2 - 3 - 4 - 5: they will get 3 points

Positions 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10: will get 2 points

Positions 11 to 25: they will get 1 point

Zone rules will not be played

By elimination:

1 point for each elimination.

The tiebreak criteria are 1st: Total Points, 2nd: Kills, 3rd: Position, 4th: Kills in Game 1, 5th: Kills in Game 2 and 6th: Kill in Game 3.

No game will be replaced, in case players from outside the tournament enter a game, elimination points will still count, but position points will not be taken into account.


The top 3 from the accumulated table of the GamerStar 2nd edition grand final will be awarded:

  1. instead a PS4.
  2. place a Headset Gamer.
  3. Place a Gamer keyboard and mouse.

The exact details of the prizes will be published via social media.

In case the winner of the prizes is outside of Costa Rica, the prizes will be sent to them after coordinating the delivery details, the organization is not responsible for damages or losses in the mail service, this procedure must be done by the winner through the corresponding mail service.

The children's museum has up to 15 days to contact the award winners and coordinate the delivery of the awards by appointment, please pay attention to the means of contact that they registered in the registration form.

In addition, all those who participate in the transmission of the stream and share it will participate in the raffle for a Gamer headset. They just have to be attentive to the transmission and follow the instructions to stay participating.

Alternate final game regulation

In the event of signals from the participating players of an attempt to affect a game within the final phases, showing unsportsmanlike and shameful behavior, the organization will use the following alternate methodology: The finalists will be divided into small groups of 4 6 duos, who will play a game under the following conditions:

  • They will all fall in 1 single city (Sleeping pools) where they will not be able to leave the city, in case they leave they will be immediately disqualified.
  • The last player alive (Victory royal) wins will be in normal mode in duos. To qualify for the last final of the Top 1 of each sub lobby in the final where the same rules will apply again. Only 1 game will be played per sub lobby and will not be repeated.
  • This last final will be defined in order according to the order in which they have died, to assign them their place in the final table.
  • In the event that one of these sub lobbies is compromised by players outside the tournament, immediately the entire sub lobby will be eliminated and the members of this sub lobby will not have the right to be part of the final ranking and therefore will not have any prize.
  • In the event that the last final is affected by the entry of non-registered players, all members will be eliminated and a new sub final will be held with the best seconds, and so on, in the event that no final sub can be played at the end. , the tournament will be declared void and prizes will not be awarded.
  • In all the games they must take the photograph with the statistics exactly the same as in the previous games according to the example, those photographs must be shared in the sub lobby to make the final prize scale. Both members of the duo, in case they do not, the duo will be disqualified, even if they are only one of the members.

We recall that these measures are the result of the unsportsmanlike behavior of some players who have wished to harm their opponents, usually due to fear of inferiority and lack of ability as players. From now on we invite everyone to play in an honest and sporty way , so that we continue to grow the eSports scene in our region. For the Gamer Region it is an honor to be able to develop this initiative throughout Central America and Mexico. We appreciate that you have participated in this great tournament!

Final Provisions

We reserve the right of admission at all times.

The slightest lack of respect for another player or any member of the staff is cause for immediate expulsion from the tournament.

The organization is not responsible neither for the connections nor for the equipment from where the participants are playing, in case of losing the connection and not being able to reestablish it, it will be disqualified from that game, no games will be repeated.

Once the registrations are closed, no changes of any kind are allowed and the information recorded in the form will be played, any change could be considered a reason for elimination from the tournament.

In the event that the games are transmitted by stream by the organization, the times must adjust to the conditions of the transmission and the team of judges. No image or representation rights will be recognized, all those rights are assigned at the time of accepting these regulations and agreeing to play the tournament.

Region Gamer delegates to Oscar Romero M. or Edson Arauz C. as tournament prosecutors the resolution of a conflict and will have no higher seats of appeal.

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