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26 Jul

Interview with Dymas Canon

34 years old and a native of Moravia, Daniel Ramírez has a recognized trajectory in the world of cosplay at the national level, because his serious characters as his unusual characters and his characteristic style to interpret them do not go unnoticed, in addition; He brought to life a popular series on impromptu video interviews called "Irrelevant Interviews."

34 years old and a native of Moravia, Daniel Ramírez has a trajectory in the world of cosplay recognized nationally, because his serious characters as his unusual characters and his characteristic style to interpret them do not go unnoticed, in addition; He brought to life a popular series on impromptu video interviews called "Irrelevant Interviews."

 What is the origin of your Nickname: Dymas Canon?

            Between a friend and me during childhood, we created a story for a game, Dymas Canon was a character, I liked the name so much that I adopted it for my personal use.

 What is your job?

            I have a degree in Web Design, and currently I work as a Motion Developer (Digital Animation), with experience in video game development: My first game was one called Table Tennis 2.5D, I developed it in Flash, and in my work I developed another one that It was called Tennis Combat, for a client.

On the other hand, I have taken acting courses, when I was at TEC I joined a theater group called "Teatro Tec" around 2004, then I was able to join the Giratablas in 2011.

 How did you start in Cosplay?

            After leaving TEC I could not continue with the theater group due to the distance, and it was the only place where I could practice it without altering my other responsibilities, but I continued with the need to go on stage. One day, a friend took me to a cosplay meeting practically by force, the funny thing is that my friend retired earlier, but I chose to stay. From there I joined this world.

Since when are you a cosplayer?

 Since 2006. My first cosplay was of the Rude character from Final Fantasy 7.

How have you seen the cosplayer field in the country over the years?

 It all depends on the people with whom you get together, sometimes you can listen to horror stories, there are people who stop doing cosplay because they were quite affected by an anger with another person for example, but there are also others who de-stress with the hobby and for that reason they continue persevering. 

With this hobby some have managed to make money or make friends. Good and healthy people are known here.

How is irrelevant interviews born? 

            I was bored at a Pérez Zeledón event, where I had nothing to do, I was sitting down and I said to myself: Did I travel 140 km to lie here flat? Let's take out the camera and record. I was asking questions from the stadium, without logic, I took the opportunity to practice improvisation, since it was my first year at the Giratablas. To my surprise, people liked it and asked me to do more. Occasionally I do it again and if I do the interviews it is because I am bored.

 How do you choose the interviewees?         

            First I notice if they are not surrounded by people or if they are not masked, so that they can speak. I respect certain lines, if I see that they are eating or in a hurry I do not bother them, if they are not surrounded by people and available I proceed.

 Everyone has reacted well, has anyone got angry at an interview? 

            There are people who do not understand what I am doing, they answer the first questions because they are the normal ones, but sometimes they leave me talking alone, or they stop answering me but no one has hitherto hit me or taken the camera away.

 Do you have someone you admire either in the cosplayer field or in life in general?

            You always have role models, I'm not a big fan of someone in particular, but I follow artists like Tobias Sammet or developer Shigeru Miyamoto.

 What do you do in your spare time other than cosplay?

            Playing video games, and sometimes if I have a chance something artistic, theatrical or musical, I went to singing classes, and I take the opportunity to participate in karaoke. But most of the time I spend it playing.

 What projects do you have in the future?

            My priority is to get a new source of income to improve my Tracer, I want to make a nice show with that cosplay. And since I have acceptance for my crossplay, the other year I plan to make Skarlet from MK11.

 Do you have a funny and an unfortunate anecdote?

            A characteristic of my cosplays is that they self-destruct, it is no coincidence that Cyrax, is one of my characters, using my Tracer I dropped some things like the mask filter. When I used Agent 47 (Hitman) I dropped one of the pistols that I wasn't even going to use in the presentation. Like Altair (Assasins Creed), a person collided with me and a knife fell. Sometimes it is intentional, sometimes not. When I played Ermac, in the performance one of the boots' greaves buckled, and I didn't even notice while fighting Freddy Krueger, the mask wrapper also came off and I almost got tangled up in the same bandage and funny experiences; When I was with Tracer, a girl asked me for a photo and then she said: "I really like your cosplay, you look beautiful." Later, when the filter of the mask fell off, a mae tried to help me and at that moment a girl interrupted him and in the background said: “There can't be! It's a rag! ” When I was a shy guy, a friend of one of my group mates couldn't distinguish if it was a boy or a girl.

What would you like to see differently in the upcoming events in the country?

            Once I went for a walk to Denmark and took the opportunity to go to an ñoño event from there; I could see that there are things that can be done here and that can contribute, in fact, it has been tried to be done here but not in the expected way. 

            For example with cosplay contests, one thing that bothers me is that they interrupt the contest for other things, such as announcements of winners of other contests or things like that, or that they completely cut the competition to make way for a concert for being short of time. A better organization is evident in the Danish activity: A video announces the participants in order without interruption and the contestants in the backstage can follow the entire competition because they have screens. I have seen that we wanted to implement the screen, but it was not successful.

            Another is if it was possible to add healthy food options for those present, guests, etc.

            We thank Daniel Ramírez (Dymas Canon) for this space, and we wish him many successes with his next projects.

 Johnny Murillo