Region Gamer

Official score tables

Lobby 01, Game 01

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
chill top 1Game 112214
BuzzardsGame 1516
Nacatamal with tortillaGame 1415
The wazysGame 1325
Team epic gamesGame 1325
Visanj JrGame 1325
Team_CuloacidoGame 1235
2 ez 4 usGame 1505
The bestiReport error -2 pts224
The Monster TeamGame 1112
RawrGame 1202
TSX - AGame 1202
Jojo'sReport error -1 pts011
Team limonGame 1011
AkatsGame 1101
ControllerGame 1101
PestsGame 1101
Los Paracos - AGame 1000
Lethal ArmyGame 1000
Eliminated!Game 1000
TclGame 1000
Chil clanGame 1000
TFLGame 1000
NTGame 1000

Lobby 01, Game 02

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
Nacatamal with tortillaGame 2527
Team epic gamesGame 2336
BuzzardsGame 2325
ControllerGame 2505
Lethal ArmyGame 2404
RawrGame 2404
Visanj JrGame 2213
PestsGame 2123
The wazysGame 2202
Burning DuoGame 2202
Eliminated!Game 2011
Jojo'sGame 2011
TSX - AGame 2011
2 ez 4 usGame 2101
Chil clanGame 2000
The Monster TeamGame 2000
Team limonGame 2000

Lobby 01, Accumulated Table

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
2√chill top 112214
3√Nacatamal with tortilla9312
5√Team epic games6511
6Visanj Jr538
7The wazys527
82 ez 4 us606
12Lethal Army404
13The besti224
15TSX - A213
16Burning Duo202
17The Monster Team112
21Team limon011
23Los Paracos - A000
25Chil clan000

Lobby 02, Game 01

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
48kGame 119221
PlayBoi'sGame 111213
CovaltGame 18311
Team pinolRegistration error position -1 pts606
ExodialGame 1516
NorthernersGame 1606
Wajira peGame 1224
tibuxpashGame 1404
ChinelaGame 1112
ZucaritasGame 1022
XForceGame 1202
FurywolfsGame 1202
LosnoodprosGame 1202
EliteRegistration error position -1 pts2-11
MotionGame 1011
RL teamGame 1101
BaldGame 1101
DRK - BGame 1101
Mancos del soool.Game 1101
ScorpionsGame 1101
Team_madmaxGame 1101
Forza clanGame 1000
Team MechanicsGame 1000
SketchGame 1000
NXGame 1000
Team goGame 1000
The mythicalGame 1000
limited frames per secondGame 1000
The engineersGame 1000
The warrior chicks of the weekend.Game 1000
JojobrosGame 1000
TopicGame 1000
DynamiteGame 1000

Lobby 02, Game 02

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
Team pinolGame 210010
PlayBoi'sGame 2729
ZucaritasGame 2336
tibuxpashGame 2415
Team_madmaxGame 2325
ExodialGame 2314
CovaltGame 2224
ScorpionsGame 2404
XForceGame 2404
EliteGame 2213
Wajira peGame 2123
limited frames per secondGame 2303
The warrior chicks of the weekend.Game 2303
NorthernersGame 2112
48kGame 2202
Team goGame 2202
Mancos del soool.Game 2101
DRK - BGame 2101
The mythicalGame 2101
DynamiteGame 2101
MotionGame 2101
SketchGame 2000
FurywolfsGame 2000
TopicGame 2000

Lobby 02, Accumulated Table

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
3√Team pinol16016
9Wajira pe347
14limited frames per second303
15The warrior chicks of the weekend.303
18DRK - B202
19Mancos del soool.202
20Team go202
23RL team101
25The mythical101
28Forza clan000
29Team Mechanics000
32The engineers000

Lobby 03, Game 01

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
ADHDGame 1639
Sen_BughaGame 1426
Team MirandaGame 1516
ITL ClanGame 1505
WarriorsGame 1314
FaCeGame 1224
Team Carne AsadaGame 1224
CuliocunonesGame 1224
ObieGame 1303
Canela Pasión FCGame 1213
GhosttreynaldoGame 1202
YDGame 1202
TP-2020Game 1112
FS TeamGame 1101
ProcrastiDuoGame 1101
Fresh breadGame 1101
I DONT KNOWGame 1101
PanthersGame 1011
Aletronixerror in the report - 2 pts000
Elite warriors (EW)Game 1000
Los Pelones - AGame 1000
UnranksHandsNcGame 1000
Team ionfireGame 1000
RocketChampGame 1000
Explosive duoGame 1000
TEAM_SebacoGame 1000
MatagalpaTeamGame 1000

Lobby 03, Game 02

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
PanthersGame 2628
Smoke OgGame 2617
CuliocunonesGame 2527
FS TeamGame 2527
AletronixGame 2606
Team ionfireGame 2224
TP-2020Game 2213
MVP'SGame 2033
GhosttreynaldoGame 2303
ADHDGame 2303
FaCeGame 2112
Team Carne AsadaGame 2202
Team MirandaGame 2202
I DONT KNOWGame 2011
UnranksHandsNcGame 2000
WarriorsGame 2000
Sen_BughaGame 2000
YDGame 2000
Canela Pasión FCGame 2000

Lobby 03, Accumulated Table

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
5√Team Miranda718
6FS Team628
7Smoke Og617
10Team Carne Asada426
12ITL Clan505
16Team ionfire224
18Canela Pasión FC213
24Fresh bread101
25Elite warriors (EW)000
26Los Pelones - A000
29Explosive duo000

Lobby 04, Game 01

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
The LordsitosGame 19211
TNTGame 18311
The Killing DuoGame 1729
The panas - AGame 1617
Team JCGame 1707
Fake clanGame 1606
LTOGame 1415
TrilogyGame 1325
TheNicArmy TEAMGame 1325
Caponera on topGame 1314
NicamexGame 1404
NetgamersGame 1213
Spectrum TeamGame 1303
The Norwegian CaterpillarsGame 1112
Los pelones - BGame 1202
N_505Game 1202
The AdminsGame 1202
AdminsGame 1101
OsitusaGame 1101
Team CotoGame 1101
TeamBocchiGame 1000
PeephubGame 1000
RonConToñaGame 1000
We'renotJohnWicksGame 1000
Brown BeastsGame 1000
Nacatamal duoGame 1000
The BotcitosGame 1000
AmazonianGame 1000
Executioners of ManaguaGame 1000
El pancito bakeryGame 1000
EasyclapGame 1000
The puzzlesGame 1000
MC-TeamGame 1000
Suanfonson - AGame 1000
Da10fpsGame 1000

Lobby 04, Game 02

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
NetgamersGame 2729
Team JCGame 2718
Fake clanGame 2617
The LordsitosGame 2516
Suanfonson - AGame 2336
El pancito bakeryGame 2606
LTOGame 2415
Caponera on topGame 2224
TNTGame 2224
TheNicArmy TEAMGame 2213
NicamexGame 2303
TeamBocchiGame 2303
Da10fpsGame 2303
Los pelones - BGame 2202
The AdminsGame 2202
Team SalchichonGame 2202
RonConToñaGame 2202
The puzzlesGame 2101
EasyclapGame 2101
The Norwegian CaterpillarsGame 2101
Brown BeastsGame 2000
The Killing DuoGame 2000
AmazonianGame 2000
DartGame 2000
MC-TeamGame 2000
The panas - AGame 2000

Lobby 04, Accumulated Table

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
1√The Lordsitos14317
2√Team JC14115
4√Fake clan12113
7The Killing Duo729
8TheNicArmy TEAM538
9Caponera on top538
11The panas - A617
12El pancito bakery606
13Suanfonson - A336
15Los pelones - B404
16The Admins404
17Spectrum Team303
20The Norwegian Caterpillars213
23Team Salchichon202
26Team Coto101
28The puzzles101
31Brown Beasts000
32Nacatamal duo000
33The Botcitos000
35Executioners of Managua000

Lobby 05, Game 01

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
PipilinesGame 1617
Bleak gamingGame 1437
TEAM TNAGame 1426
ChocoballsGame 1314
Nacatamal with breadGame 1314
Nottingham ForrestGame 1404
FTnGame 1213
Pig Sperm WhalesGame 1213
The panas - BGame 1303
SHIELDGame 1202
Team legendsGame 1202
MomotomboGame 1101
TryhardsGame 1101
team tottoGame 1101
Saved EquipmentGame 1000
ToastersGame 1000
TeamFritangaGame 1000
Suanfonson - BGame 1000
AJGame 1000
The KingsmastersGame 1000
Herent NICAGame 1000
Team Og kushGame 1000
Angels with drawn swordGame 1000
SIKKGame 1000
Team destroyersGame 1000
Javi and AllanGame 1000
Cherepon and PinedonEliminated from the Tournament000

Lobby 05, Game 02

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
TEAM TNAGame 28210
Bleak gamingGame 2639
The trixifixiGame 2617
ToastersGame 2527
The panas - BGame 2426
FTnGame 2224
The KingsmastersGame 2213
Herent NICAGame 2303
Pig Sperm WhalesGame 2202
MomotomboGame 2202
ChocoballsGame 2011
Puninano brosGame 2000
SIKKGame 2000
Saved EquipmentGame 2000
Cherepon and PinedonEliminated from the Tournament000

Lobby 05, Accumulated Table

Name of the Team#MatchEliminationsPositionTotal Score
1√TEAM TNA12416
2√Bleak gaming10616
3√The panas - B729
5√The trixifixi617
8Pig Sperm Whales415
10Nottingham Forrest404
11Nacatamal with bread314
13Herent NICA303
14The Kingsmasters213
16Team legends202
18team totto101
19Saved Equipment000
21Suanfonson - B000
23Team Og kush000
24Angels with drawn sword000
26Team destroyers000
27Javi and Allan000
28Cherepon and PinedonEliminated from the tournament000
29Puninano bros000

Final list of teams accepted in the 2vs2 Fortnite Comtech tournament

In case your team does not appear in this list, it was not selected in the final filter, therefore we wish you luck for future tournament dates thanks to the determined support of Comtech in supporting Gaming in Nicaragua.
There will no longer be any more space available for the tournament, therefore we ask you to wait for future dates and we will gladly include them.

We started at 3pm Nicaraguan time with the first game and at 4pm the second. The final will be at 6pm in a single game.

Name of the teamAssigned LobbyPlayer 1Player 2
2 ez 4 usLobby 01Ezequiel Lopez William martinez 
48kLobby 02Patrick Fine Mikeska Jocsan Herrera 
ADHDLobby 03Ilan Ruiz Bendaña Saif Farach Lacayo
AdminsLobby 04Marlon Isaac Castro Sánchez Miglan martinez
AJLobby 05Alvin medina Julio Mendoza 
AkatsLobby 01Allan caves Jose Zapata 
AleblacLobby 02Alejandro Vanegas Valverde Anthony alexander SIlva 
AletronixLobby 03Anthony Alexander Silva Alejandro Vanegas Valverde 
AmazonianLobby 04Joseph Steven Garcia Maltese Harold Steven Picado Garcia 
Angels with drawn swordLobby 05Wilbert Ernesto Rubio Zamora Róger Alejandro Astacio Acevedo 
AnibalsLobby 01Sebastian Lopez Alejandro Zuniga 
BayardoLobby 02Bayardo santiago Montenegro Santiago Montenegro 
BeatluisLobby 03Eynar LopezLuis Salazar 
Brown BeastsLobby 04Marlon Francisco Cabrera Palacios Mauricio Martín Zacarias Gómez 
Bleak gamingLobby 05Diego Enmanuel Rivera Jarquin Jordi isaac Morales bermudez 
BUGHA AND STRETCHLobby 01Norman jiron Jackdel Rodriguez 
BaldLobby 02David Javier Rocha Mendez Joshua Antinio Acevedo Blandon 
Canela Pasión FCLobby 03Guillermo Jesus Sevilla Aguilar William Ricardo Rivera Riguero 
Caponera on topLobby 04Edwin said Solorzano silva Noel lorenzo Lopez martinez 
Cherepon and PinedonLobby 05Jeffry David Ruiz Pineda Jose Abraham Delgadillo 
Chil clanLobby 01Jean carlos Mayorga velasquez Carlos Blanco 
ChinelaLobby 02José Ashley Malta Batres Gabriel Jose Urbina Soto 
Wooden chiringuitoLobby 04Carlos alberto Orozco artola Osmar Rene Escobar Villalobos 
ChocoballsLobby 05César Daniel Pérez López Mateo Gabriel Medrano Quintero 
ControllerLobby 01Mario hugo Gutierrez borge Marcelo Sandino Prado 
CovaltLobby 02David Evenor Rospigliosi Rivera Pablo Daniel Martinez Diaz 
CuliocunonesLobby 03Roger Mariano Sanchez Castillo Stuart Isaac Helmet Bow 
Da10fpsLobby 04Max Eduardo Pérez Herrera Matthew Alexander Reyes Vanegas 
DantosLobby 05Samuel Ulises Espinoza Saavedra Gabriel Isaias Ramos Manzanares 
Dark rapterLobby 01Henry Cruz Suarez Maryleth Cruz Suarez 
Dark WarrioR'sLobby 02Jim moraga jairo figueroa 
DarknessLobby 03marco antonio anduray zapata roger alberto anduray 
DartLobby 04Karim Chamorro orozco Mauricio Cuadra 
DogsdrunkLobby 05Lebin Alexander Gonzalez Molina Yader Jose Corrales Rivera 
Drk - ALobby 01Andres Alvarez Alejandro Arauz 
DRK - BLobby 02Sergio Enrique Alvarez Lewis Christian Leon Ledezma 
Explosive duoLobby 03Carlos Augusto Guido Guerrero Sofia Alexandra Guido Idiaquez 
Nacatamal duoLobby 04Ramón Alberto Padilla Velázquez Darwin Alfonso Morales Urbina 
Duo sausageLobby 05Ramses amauri Ramirez Centeno Kevin Alexander Bonilla zamora 
Burning DuoLobby 01Carlos Daniel Reyes Eduardo Pavon 
DynamiteLobby 02Carlos RiveraJoel salazar 
DYNAMO ATLobby 03Carlos Ortega Alvin medina
EasyclapLobby 04Carlos Efrian Salgado Fiallos Jose Miguel Ortez Galo 
The virusLobby 05Harling jose Chavarria norori Said Alberto Carvajal Gutierrez 
Eliminated!Lobby 01Edgard ManzanaresOscar Carillo 
EliteLobby 02Emanuel Adrian Pineda Martinez Eduardo Alberto Falla Martinez 
Elite warriors (EW)Lobby 03Javier EspinozaPaohlo Morales 
Spectrum TeamLobby 04Victor Andrés Mairena Avellán Ricardo Josue Mendieta 
Saved EquipmentLobby 05Ezequiel Jose Guardado Cuevas Jonathan Avendaño Saved 
EssFSLobby 01Francisco Jose Lezcano Morales Antony shandee morales 
ExodialLobby 02Felix Andrés Molina Loredo Victor Gabriel Lacayo Martínez 
FaCeLobby 03Roy Berger Larry Solis 
Fake clanLobby 04Gabriel leonardo Mora Nuñez Manuel Ignacio Lacayo Gomez 
Missing street pa 'Lobby 05Julio Gutierrez Juan Ramon 
Faze nigaLobby 01Jordi PerezJason Obando 
Forza clanLobby 02Marvin augusto Castro Tablada Gerson Alfonso Sanabria Téllez 
FS TeamLobby 03Diego Julian Diego Julian Gary Darrell Millón Delgadillo 
FTnLobby 05Fernando Isaac Marcia Sánchez Diego Javier Flores Zapata 
FurywolfsLobby 02Kenneth alexander Cruz mendoza Octavio jose Caldera perez 
GhosttreynaldoLobby 03Ervin Arturo Soza Carvallo Reynaldo Martin Romero Mejia 
Globin_SlayersLobby 04Luis Alejandro Olivera Duarte Brayan Antonio Sandoval López 
Herent NICALobby 05Jaime Vaquerano Marcelo Andres Fonseca Zamora 
Hirving FcLobby 01Rene Joaquin Rivas Espinoza Martin Javier Tercero Alfaro 
Horus teamLobby 02Keylor Abimelech Melgara Centeno Jeremy Alexander Amador Molina 
ITL ClanLobby 03Cristofher Munguía Gamboa Jonathan Payán Guerrero 
ItsLobby 04Álvaro José González Calero José Alessandro Torres Parodi 
Javi and AllanLobby 05Javier Antonio Mora Baltodano Allan Josué Jalina Obando 
Jojo'sLobby 01Rodolfo emanuel Garcia vasquez Jonathan josue Vado padilla 
JojobrosLobby 02Erick guevara Ian Eli Guevara Almendarez 
KNDLobby 03José Rodolfo Martínez Ubeda Juan Luis Somarrina Ubeda 
The Norwegian CaterpillarsLobby 04Felipe Vogel Sebastian Ortiz 
LeonidLobby 05Jose ramon Chávez davila Mercedes de la concepcion López hernandez 
Lethal ArmyLobby 01Carlos Jose Ortiz Carlos Lidier Rodrigues Palacio 
limited frames per secondLobby 02Jorge Antonio Garcia Mayorga Kenneth Fabian Monrroy Sotelo 
LoliGGLobby 03David acevedo David acevedo 
The AdminsLobby 04Henry Sanchez Onell Korea 
The AvendañosLobby 05Diego Alejandro Herrera Avendaño Emilio José Avendaño Meza 
The bestiLobby 01Meyner Roblesantwan Juarro 
the beastsLobby 02Mathew velasquezAldo white
The bootLobby 03Sirhan Montoya says it Yahir Montoya morales 
The BotcitosLobby 04Yuri Mauricio Guido Guerrero Mauro Alexander Guido Idiáquez 
Pig Sperm WhalesLobby 05Anastasio Ortiz Matias Solorzano 
The aligatorsLobby 01Edgard urroz Ian Robinson 
The chocotorrosLobby 02Michael Steven Escobar Espinoza Dafne Nicté Dauria Mayorga 
THE DESTROYERSLobby 03Kevin Carranza Jasson martines 
The G_GLobby 04Gabriel antonio Lopez mayorga Gilberth Antony Espinoza González 
Dav brothersLobby 05EDUARDO SantanaDavid santana 
The IncrediblesLobby 01Ricardo Jose Quezada Medrano Cesar Alejandro Romero Calderón 
The engineersLobby 02Brandon Rodrigo Calderon Rodriguez Kevin Antonio Cordobas Medina 
The InvatiblesLobby 03Kelvin Samuel Estrada Centeno Andy Somoza 
The LordsitosLobby 04Carlos Reyes Cairo Bermudez 
The murderous meneitosLobby 05Cristopher Ezequiel Galán Mendoza Erick Gabriel Enriquez Uriarte 
The noobLobby 01Yadier antonio mendez Jesus Orlando Arquiles Tinoco 
NorthernersLobby 02Samuel Agustin Bone Paiz Carlos Alberto González Lira 
The BearsLobby 03Martin Alvarez Victor bojorge 
The panas - ALobby 04Joseph gabriel Hernandez rodriguez Andres Murillo poveda 
The panas - BLobby 05Alexander Pavon Leonel Otero 
Los Paracos - ALobby 01Silvio Balladares Allan silva
Los Paracos - BLobby 02Luis Gonzalez Silvio Teran 
Los Pelones - ALobby 03Jhoel De Jesus Sequeira Guadamuz Christopher Alexander Bermudez 
Los pelones - BLobby 04Jorge Rojas Geovanny mora
The pichulasLobby 05Geovanny ruiz Francisco Castillo 
THE PICHULINESLobby 01Carlos daniel gaitan guerrero Engel josue hernandez diaz 
The warrior chicks of the weekend.Lobby 02Norman Josue Morales Caldera Anayanssy miracle Aburto Guevara 
THE PROPLAYERLobby 03Diego Buitrago Diego Ordolles 
The puzzlesLobby 04Mateo Fernando Baltodano Hurtado Diego Gabriel Acevedo Rosales 
The trixifixiLobby 05Juan Alberto Torrez Martinez Roberto Jose Alvarado Novoa 
The wazysLobby 01Abdel ibrahim silva simons Danny Fidencio Martinez simons 
LosnoodprosLobby 02Jorge Luis Sáenz Montenegro Issac Lira 
Fresh breadLobby 03Joshua bladimir Rodriguez alvarez Daniel alejandro Santamaria fonseca 
LTOLobby 04Angel alexander Roa bermudez Luis Carlos Moreno Child 
MadafukasLobby 05Gabriel Carrasquilla Dennis Chavarria 
MancosLobby 01Alexander Cruz Nicolas Villanueva 
Mancos del soool.Lobby 02Axel Lenin Duarte Jewel Harold Alexander Morales Alvarado 
MatagalpaTeamLobby 03Yader Omar Leon Torrez Héctor Josue Mairena Rodríguez 
MC-TeamLobby 04Boris jose Portales zelaya William José Áreas arujo 
MomotomboLobby 05Rodrigo Cabrera Mathius Marcelo Zamora Lopez 
Monica galindoLobby 01Cristopher Raymon Calero Gutierrez George Alberto Giron Gutierrez 
MotionLobby 02Kevin Javier Vanegas Fariña Yordy Manuel Jiménez Salazar 
MVP'SLobby 03Nataniel Campos Berrios Carlos Rodolfo Moncada Sanchez 
N_505Lobby 04Eduardo SalgadoJUAN PABLO BENAVIDES 
Nacatamal with breadLobby 05Kevin David Gutiérrez Sánchez Diego Rafael Gutierrez Matamoros 
Nacatamal with tortillaLobby 01Danilo de jesus Salazar Luna Carlos Fernando betanco saravia 
NC_OFICIALLobby 02Brayan garcia Juan Torrez 
NDASTLobby 03Charles Mauricio Hernández Gradyz Eliezer toledo 
NetgamersLobby 04Lester Cardoza Guillermo Nuñez 
NIC_PTYLobby 05Carlos Fernando Marin Acuña Antonio Gonzales 
Nica scarLobby 01Carlos Pallais Karla Sandoval 
NICA-TASK-FORCELobby 02Kevin Augusto Garcia Puerto Jose Gabriel Galindo Escobar 
NicaarmyLobby 03Nestor Eduardo Herrera sanchez Christian Enrique Valle soza 
NicamexLobby 04Juliocesar Alejandro Salinas Sebastian Aguado Vizcaino 
Nicaraguans with proudLobby 05Sirjan Montoya loaisiga Jeamcarlos payan 
NicatsLobby 01Danny Antonio Martinez Gomez Kairo martinez 
NoeditsplzLobby 02Glomarg De Jesus Rodriguez Blandon Jennifer lopez moran 
I DONT KNOWLobby 03Victor Elias Herrera Hernandez César Andres Medina Dávila 
Nottingham ForrestLobby 05Abdias Isaí Solorzano cuts Javier Emanuel López Molina 
NTLobby 01Nathan EspinizaCarlos Ortega 
NXLobby 02eddy almendarez geanfranco cardenas 
ObieLobby 03Erol Josué Esquivel Zapata Marcelo Alejandro Reyes Garcia 
OsitusaLobby 04King Eduardo Halsall Quintero Cristian David Avendaño Zamora 
OVALobby 05Enmanuel alexander Salmeron Rodríguez Darwin Odanel Blandón alvair 
PainCrismoLobby 01Julio Jesua Sobalvarro Martínez Cristhian Gabriel Aguirre Medrano 
El pancito bakeryLobby 02Yerald CastilloAlexander Hernandez 
PanthersLobby 03Marcio de Jesus Maradiaga Granados Edwin Ernesto Paguaga Garcia 
PeephubLobby 04Humberto Enrique Arana Treminio Andreus Enrique Ramirez Salinas 
PipilinesLobby 05Ahmed SolisKenneth jaen 
PestsLobby 01Ronald Stewart Berrios Cruz Jonathan José Ruiz olivares 
PlayBoi'sLobby 02Joao Jose Sanchez Bendaña Alex Bodan 
ProcrastiDuoLobby 03Harvy Alejandro Moreno Armas Richard Antonio González Rugama 
PS4.EXELobby 04Jostin roman Ivan santamaria 
Puninano brosLobby 05Aaron Arturo Ayala Aguirre Arturo Alejandro Ayala Aguirre 
RawrLobby 01Joshua Jeremy Gaitan Peter Lawrence Wilson Gaitan 
RL teamLobby 02Luis Barreto Ricardo Pineda 
RocketChampLobby 03Manuel González Sevilla Cristhian Ivan Neal 
RonConToñaLobby 04Jose Armando Gutierrez Gaitán Ronnie Adrián Estrada Córdoba 
SHIELDLobby 05Javier Alfonso González Jorge Adán Martinez Orue 
San juan del sur FCLobby 01Mark alberto Pomares Aburto Kevin Gabriel Flores Aburto 
ScorpionsLobby 02Matthew Alejandro Martinez Zambrana Jose Ignacio Gurdian Rodriguez 
Sen_BughaLobby 03Jalmar Nomar Aguilera Morales Bryan javier Ramírez palacios 
HitmenLobby 04David lopez Edward jiron 
SIKKLobby 05Jorge Evaristo García Flores Norman Santiago Manzanares Peña 
Sir.R! UkLobby 01Kevin Martin Montalvan Suarez Sergio David Sequeira Montoya 
SketchLobby 02Carlos BravoEduardo Morales placeholder image 
Smoke OgLobby 03Axel Kevin Muñoz Orozco Abdel dubir sanchez 
Suanfonson - ALobby 04Bryant Eduardo Velasquez Figueroa Gerson Delgado 
Suanfonson - BLobby 05Gerald Josué Ramírez Espinoza Jose David Ferretti Cuadra 
TclLobby 01Kevin osiel Osorio cardoza Jean Pierre Ortiz peace 
TEAM AIMBOTLobby 02Aldo Rafael Nicaragua Hurtado Fabian Alejandro Cortez gonzales 
Team Carne AsadaLobby 03Kevin Leandro Ramos Velásquez Byron Alexander Rugama Zelaya 
Team CotoLobby 04Roberto Jair Martínez Torres Fredder Francisco Gonzalez Collado 
Team destroyersLobby 05Angel joseph Delgado tijerino Ajax Salvador Delgado seville 
Team epic gamesLobby 01Jordy Alexander Jerez Miranda Logan axel mendoza 
Team goLobby 02Klauss joseph Saavedra rayo Gael Joshua Reyes Wren 
Team ionfireLobby 03Wilmer Coca Auner Chevez 
Team JCLobby 04Juan Carlos Amador Saenz Carlos Fernando Amador Saenz 
Team legendsLobby 05Bryan Fermin Matamoros Loaisiga Aniuska Nathalia Matamoros Loaisiga 
Team limonLobby 01Johan Rodríguez Steven Castellon 
Team MechanicsLobby 02Ariel ReyesJosafat Orozco 
Team MirandaLobby 03Henry Augusto Miranda Lanuza Roberto de Jesus Miranda Gavarrete 
Team nicaLobby 04Abraham Jimenez Diego Ortiz
Team Og kushLobby 05Edel Josue Vega Sequeira Joel Martín Torrentes Potoy 
TEAM PALTAGUACATELobby 01Kevin Gael Torrez Urbina Gustavo Fernando Urbina Monterrey 
Team pinolLobby 02Mauricio Marcell Fernández Vaca Jose Miguel Mena Vigil 
Team QCALobby 03Oscar de Jesus Huete Acuña Freedman Josue Moreno 
Team SalchichonLobby 04Reynaldo Enrique Zeledon Hernández Glenis espinoza 
TEAM TNALobby 05Gabriel Emilio Castillo González Jose Rafael Gutierrez 
Team_CuloacidoLobby 01Daniel Isaias Alvarez Armando javier Cortez Chevez 
Team_madmaxLobby 02Medardo ismael Montalvan arevalo Edwin antonio Garcia arana 
TEAM_SebacoLobby 03Luis Alberto Contreras hurtado Eddy Alexander Arancibia Centeno 
TeamBocchiLobby 04Bredans Ismael López Sánchez Isachary Lissette López López 
TeamFritangaLobby 05Zlatan albertonAlejandro Santamaria 
TFLLobby 01Denis fernando Urbina salgado Carlos alexander Cardoza lopez 
The ghost fireLobby 02Ezequiel Acevedo Junior Matute 
The GhostsLobby 03Aristides Antonio Moreno Calderon Hamleth Ezequiel Bravo Osorio 
The Killing DuoLobby 04Marcelo almanza Wyman hooker 
The KingsmastersLobby 05Geriel Alberto Orozco González King Alexander Castillo Gonzalez 
The Monster TeamLobby 01Jorge Luis Reyes Salinas Horacio Jose Bermúdez Barberena 
The mythicalLobby 02Cristopher Armengol Ortiz Mejía Rommel Isaacs Briones López 
The ShootersLobby 03Diego Armando Bendaña Baldizon Gian Franco Escalona 
TheNicArmy TEAMLobby 04Luis Franco Castillo Gonzalez Ruben Rocha Blandon 
TheNightLobby 05Christopher soza Hector ray 
ThetitansRTXLobby 01Jose Guillermo Barreto placeholder image Jose Luis Marenco 
TKDosLobby 03Angel Ricardo Rios Diaz Diego Armando Guevara Arias 
TNTLobby 04John Prado urbina Kevin Bryan Palma Rocha 
ToastersLobby 05Josue Javier Gomez Guerrero William antonio Gurdian Rodriguez 
chill top 1Lobby 01alexander white palm paul amaya palma 
TopicLobby 02Romel duartes Anthony Morales
TrilogyLobby 04Joshua Cheng Matteo alvarez 
TryhardsLobby 05Reynaldo Gabriel Ruiz Mayorga Sandro Abraham Ortiz gomez 
TSX - ALobby 01Gabriel Agustin Rubi Carcache Julio Daniel Lindo Sánchez 
Tsx - BLobby 02Julio Daniel Lindo Sánchez Gabriel Agustin Ruby Carcache 
UnranksHandsNcLobby 03Alexander Javier Galeano Somarriba Kevin Fernando Zelaya Galeano 
Executioners of ManaguaLobby 04Romario Antonio Díaz Mayorga Sebastian Ignacio Garcia Del Carmen 
Video Games Mike LikeLobby 05Miguel Angel Arias atellez Alejandro Martinez
Visanj JrLobby 01Bayardo Steven Velázquez Pomart Jostin Julián Narváez Medina 
Wajira peLobby 02Samir Ibarra Jairo gonzalez 
WarriorsLobby 03Jonathan David Rivera Bonilla Ricardo Jose Quinto Jimenez 
We'renotJohnWicksLobby 04Winston Jesus Dominguez Rivera Julio Alfredo Medrano Mena 
WIZARDSLobby 05Kevin Jose Pastran Barberena Deyver Yanick Prado Rivas 
XLobby 01Alyssa MmMars Mm 
XForceLobby 02Cristhiam Maldonado Sergio Ibarra 
YDLobby 03David Antonio Torres Carcache Yeyfix Jesus Carrillo Estrada 
YessirLobby 04Marcelo cortez Jose Mendez 
ZoomersLobby 05Kenneth Maggly Daniels Luna Paulo Antonio Flores Contreras 
BuzzardsLobby 01Alejandro Gabriel Rodríguez Lacayo Andy Martinez 
ZucaritasLobby 02Javier Alejandro Mongalo Castro Julio Jesua Sobalvarro Martínez 
List ordered alphabetically by team name.


They will be private games with normal rules

We will have our stream team with the Casters Achilles and Minos that will be transmitting the games through our social networks as you can experience all the details and incidents of the tournament, prizes and dynamics.

At any time you can write to WhatsApp (+506) 83516501 for any questions you have.

Tournament stream transmissions

Through our social networks we will be transmitting selected games of the qualifiers as the finals of each country:

Be sure to follow the broadcasts, because in all of them we will have special prizes for those who join us and share with our casters.

General Regulations

Only residents who live in Nicaragua.

Types of games: Normal.

Platforms and combinations: Any platform that fortnite can be played on and in any combination of platforms

Team format: Duets (2 players)


Players must be over 11 years old, all minors must have the authorization of their parents or legal guardians to register for this tournament.

To play this tournament you must follow the following steps:

  1. Carefully read the tournament regulations.
  2. Register in the form
  3. Registration closes on Friday, September 4 at 7pm (GMT-6).
  4. On Friday all participants will receive an email or message by WhatsApp, after registration is closed, where they will be indicated the lobby or Group to which they belong, with a link to the corresponding lobby / WhatsApp group. In this group they will be communicated all the vital details such as login codes, points registration forms and all the pertinent information. The two team members must be in each group.
  5. Check the schedules or schedules of the tournaments that are published on our social networks and website, to determine the hours of competition.
  6. Be at the exact time that the game is quoted, since these will enter exactly 9 minutes after the code is delivered in the private lobbies of WhatsApp.
  7. After each game they must enter a link to a form, where they will record the points and the data of the game (only the team captain does it).
  8. Tables with points and rankings will be reported on
  9. The finalists will be the top 5 from each lobby.

No game will be replaced, in case players from outside the tournament enter a game, elimination points will still count, but position points will not be taken into account.

Lobbies / Groups

All the lobbies will be mixed, that is, they do not matter the configuration of the game terminals, all the duos will be randomly mixed in the different lobbies. As the teams register, the lobbies fill up to a maximum of 47 duos.

It is the responsibility of each team that both players are registered in their corresponding lobbies.

Each lobby will have an administrator responsible for launching the game codes, this code must be registered as published, respecting capital letters and make it literal.

Qualifying Games

Each duo will have to play 2 ranked matches, with their opponents from each lobby in a private match.

They are played in normal modes and should be attentive to the WhatsApp chat in the corresponding lobby 10 minutes before each game. Once the code is published, they have exactly 9 minutes to enter the game, in case for some reason the video game fails or does not allow it to be entered and the game is launched, it will not earn any points and in the registration form you will have to put in position = "error in the game", scores in zero, in the photographs a photo in black or white, but you can play again in the following games.

Tables will be organized by game that will have scores as follows.

By position:

Victory Royal: will get 3 points

Positions 2 - 3 - 4 - 5: they will get 2 points

Positions 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10: will get 1 points

Zone rules will not be played

By elimination:

1 point for each elimination.

The tiebreak criteria are 1st: Total Points, 2nd: Kills, 3rd: Position, 4th: Kills in Game 1, 5th: Kills in Game 2 and 6th: Kill in Game 3.

After each game

Only they will have 20 minutes after the game is over to report the points on their respective form.

Between each game, all the lobbies will have to fill out a form (they will be given the link through the WhatsApp group), this form has to be completed by only 1 of the two players and only 1 time per game. In this form they will have to record the results of each game, they will find the following fields to answer:

  • You must search for your team name
  • Assign the qualifying game you are registering
  • Placing the Full Name Player 1 (Captain)
  • The user or nickname in Fortnite of Player 1 (Captain)
  • Number of kills made by Player 1
  • Placing the Full Name Player 2
  • Player 2's username or nickname in Fortnite
  • Number of kills made by Player 2
  • Position in which the team stayed
  • Upload the photograph of the final screen of the player's game 1
  • Upload the final screen photo of Player 2's game
  • Accept the commitment that you are telling the whole truth on the form.

** Very important photographs or screenshoots, must be complete on the screen, perfectly legible. If this step is not followed, the points of that game will not be taken into account.

In the form it must be a photograph or a screenshoot where all the game data can be seen, for both players.

In the event that someone makes a mistake or enters false information, the form will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and will be published publicly.

If you do not enter 1 game, you can enter the next without problem, you are not disqualified. Games will not be repeated, solely due to technical problems of the host or direct indication of the organization, which leaves the right to restart games in justified cases.


The finalists will be definitively announced on the Saturday of each tournament week on our website starting at 6pm (GMT assigned time). But they will be published in each lobby as the points are counted. These finalists will have to go to an exclusive finalist lobby for the top 5 of each lobby.

The final will be played from 6pm (GMT assigned time) on the same Sunday, a game will be organized with all the qualifiers and a table of accumulated will be made. In case the 1st place is in some kind of tie in points between 2 or more duos, they will play 1 last game between them to define the winning team of the tournament. Points will be counted like this:

By position:

Victory Royal: will get 3 points

Positions 2 - 3 - 4 - 5: they will get 2 points

Positions 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10: will get 1 points

Zone rules will not be played

By elimination:

1 point for each elimination.

The tiebreak criteria are 1st: Total Points, 2nd: Kills, 3rd: Position, 4th: Kills in Game 1, 5th: Kills in Game 2 and 6th: Kill in Game 3.

No game will be replaced, in case players from outside the tournament enter a game, elimination points will still count, but position points will not be taken into account.

Alternate regulation of final games.

In the event of signals from the participating players of an attempt to affect a game within the final phases, showing unsportsmanlike and shameful behavior, the organization will use the following alternate methodology: The finalists will be divided into small groups of 4 6 duos, who will play a game under the following conditions:

  • They will all fall in 1 single city (to be defined) where they will not be able to leave the city, in case they leave they will be immediately disqualified.
  • The last player alive (Victory royal) wins will be in normal mode in duos. To qualify for the last final of the Top 1 of each sub lobby in the final where the same rules will apply again. Only 1 game will be played per sub lobby and will not be repeated.
  • This final final will be defined in order according to the order in which they died, to assign their place in the final table. The remaining places will be determined among the players through the eliminations they have made. This last final will be only 1 game.
  • In the event that one of these sub lobbies is compromised by players outside the tournament, immediately the entire sub lobby will be eliminated and the members of this sub lobby will not have the right to be part of the final ranking and therefore will not have any prize.
  • In the event that the last final is affected by the entry of non-registered players, all members will be eliminated and a new sub final will be held with the best seconds, and so on, in the event that no final sub can be played at the end. , the tournament will be declared void and prizes will not be awarded.
  • In all the games they must take the photograph with the statistics exactly the same as in the previous games according to the example, those photographs must be shared in the sub lobby to make the final prize scale. Both members of the duo, in case they do not, the duo will be disqualified, even if they are only one of the members.

We recall that these measures are the result of the unsportsmanlike behavior of some players who have wished to harm their opponents, usually due to fear of inferiority and lack of ability as players. From now on we invite you all to play in an honest and sporty way , so that we continue to grow the eSports scene in our region. For the Gamer Region it is an honor to be able to develop this initiative throughout Central America and we thank you for participating in this great tournament!

In case of replacement of items

In case there were any difficulties to finish games, either for game reasons or the organization of any of the qualifying lobbies, these would be played:

Option 1, in the hours of the same competition Sunday at 5pm, (GMT assigned time) as necessary for the organization and announced at least 1 hour in advance.

The Grand Final by country In case of being replaced for reasons of the game or the organization, it would be on Sunday of the same competition weekend at 9pm (GMT assigned time) as necessary for the organization and announced at least 1 hour in advance.

Final provisions

We reserve the right of admission at all times.

The slightest lack of respect for another player or any member of the staff is cause for immediate expulsion from the tournament.

The organization is not responsible neither for the connections nor for the equipment from where the participants are playing, in case of losing the connection and not being able to reestablish it, it will be disqualified from that game, no games will be repeated.

Once the registrations are closed, no changes of any kind are allowed and the information recorded in the form will be played, any change could be considered a reason for elimination from the tournament.

In the event that the games are transmitted by stream by the organization, the times must adjust to the conditions of the transmission and the team of judges. No image or representation rights will be recognized, all those rights are assigned at the time of accepting these regulations and agreeing to play the tournament.

Region Gamer delegates to Oscar Romero M. or Edson Arauz C. as tournament prosecutors the resolution of a conflict and will have no higher seats of appeal.

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